PicketBox (Latest: 3.0.0.Final )

PicketBox is a Java OSS Project.
NameVersionDescriptionSizeRelease dateLicenseRelease notesDownload
PicketBox-3.0.0.Final.zip3.0.0.FinalPicketBox Stable Release of 3.0.0.Final640 KB2011-02-03LGPLPicketBox-3.0.0.Final.zip
Downloads: 2007
PicketBox-3.0.0.CR1-sources.zip3.0.0.CR1 PicketBox sources 2010-09-15LGPL PicketBox-3.0.0.CR1-sources.zip
Downloads: 0
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This is a JBoss Community Project which means it is not officially supported as a PAID JBoss Product.


PicketBox XACML (Formerly, JBossXACML)

PicketBox XACML (formerly JBossXACML) is an Oasis XACML v2.0 engine.
NameVersionDescriptionRelease dateDownload
PicketBox XACML v2.0.9.Final2.0.9.FinalPicketBox XACML is an Oasis XACML v2 Engine.2013-06-17PicketBox XACML v2.0.9.Final
Downloads: 163
PicketBox XACML v2.0.8.Final2.0.8.FinalPicketBox XACML is an Oasis XACML v2 Engine.2012-04-26PicketBox XACML v2.0.8.Final
Downloads: 186
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PicketBox XACML ExistDB Integration

PicketBox XACML Engine integration with ExistDB
NameVersionDescriptionRelease dateDownload
Downloads: 119
Zip file that also has the dependencies2010-03-25xacml-existdb-1.0.0.CR1.zip
Downloads: 136
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Negotiation (SPNego/Kerberos SSO)

Negotiation is a component from Security @ JBoss that provides you the SPNego/Kerberos SSO for your EE applications
NameVersionDescriptionSizeRelease dateLicenseRelease notesDownload
JBossNegotiation - 2.0.3.SP2.GA2.66MB2009-09-01JBossNegotiation - 2.0.3.SP2.GA
Downloads: 1034
Negotiation Toolkit2009-09-01Negotiation Toolkit - (.war)
Downloads: 372
JBoss Negotiation2.1.0JBoss Negotiation for AS62011-03-09JBoss Negotiation 2.1.0
Downloads: 547
JBoss Negotiation Toolkit2.1.0JBoss Negotiation for AS62011-03-09JBoss Negotiation Toolkit 2.1.0
Downloads: 481
JBoss Negotiation User Guide2.1.0JBoss Negotiation for AS62011-03-09JBoss Negotiation User Guide 2.1.0
Downloads: 1047
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